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3 Days

IACC Seminar 1 - Color and the Human Response

The course curriculum for Seminar 4 includes the following topics: Biological effects of light- chronobiology (circadian rhythms, inner day, influence of well-being), ultraviolet radiation, artificial vs. Natural light (differences, full spectrum lighting, case studies), color psychology in depth, applied color psychology and its misconceptions, color psychology probing the psyche (personal color preference, psycho diagnostic color tests, color in psychotherapy, interpretation of its role in visual ergonomics to identify environments.

Instructors - Art Bemis and Jason Bemis

Art Bemis Bio
Art Bemis is owner and design director at Bemis Resource Group. He simultaneously owns and operates the IACC Academy which operates in San Diego, CA; Rutland, VT; and online as an educational program. This curriculum originated with Frank Mahnke and the IACC (International Association of Color Consultants and Designers).
Art spent many years as a design strategist, using the successful development of tools, methods and systems within his firm he launched a revolutionary concept on the PGA tour called “Mindset”, the integration of color and design to illicit a feeling to induce higher performance. This concept was developed for Dr. Bob Rotella the foremost authority in Sports Psychology today.
The primary source of Art’s lifelong education came from the streets of South Boston where he learned invaluable life lessons such as relationships, sales, strategies and a love of architecture. Mr. Bemis began his journey in Architectural school and worked through the urban renewal of Boston, particularly the Quincy Market/ Faneuil Hall project. From there he worked with a New York based architectural firm in its Vermont office. After years of education and working in architecture Art developed a passion for the structure of the profession and used that to define his Design career. He worked as the Creative Director for multiple companies through different acquisitions while simultaneously running his own design firm.
In 2013 Art and his design firm developed a revolutionary color system for the island of Bermuda. This ECS Environmental Color System is being used to harmonize the cultural colors of the island. The ECS system is specific to various regions and states and is also a learning segment at the IACC Academy.
Going step by step from Design to Architecture to Color Mr. Bemis’s career has had many different facets that have culminated into sharing knowledge and the functional aspects of Color and Communication.

Jason Bemis Bio
Jason Bemis currently practices color design, biomimicry and strategic branding with Bemis Resource Group, as well as developing new lecture and experiential based curriculum for IACC Academy. Mr. Bemis’s formal training began at STO Industries where he was trained in color formulation, he was then sent to Germany where he trained under Color Expert Uwe Koos and developed many color plans and architectural color renderings of global projects. His education was furthered at IIT where he studied Strategic Design. The following years he worked with Senergy and Parex in their color labs in both the US and Leon, France. After leaving the construction industry Mr. Bemis worked as a strategic designer at BRG where he was instrumental in developing identity systems and a revolutionary color system. Concurrently Jason is a presenter for the International Association of Color Consultants North America where he was mentored by President Frank Mahnke. Jason’s experience as a musician, artist and designer allows him a unique ability to highlight relationships that we have with our environments. Jason uses his research and knowledge on color, in the physiological and psychological realms, to explore the levels of relationships in both naturally occurring and manmade environments. He utilizes his extensive knowledge of the arts and sciences to explore innovative ways that we can create humane architectural environments while striving for a sustainable future.

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