The AICCE (American Information Center for Color and Environment) is the U.S. academy of the IACC (International Association of Color Consultants/Designers) certification program. We provide twice a year certifications at our headquarters in Vermont and one a year in California. We also offer private lessons and weekend workshops.


Teach others about the aesthetic and functional aspects of color.

We are a dedicated group of professionals passionate about color. We strive to educate the world about functional color design and how we can impact our environments by integrating art and science to develop tools, systems and methods that will ultimately achieve designed spaces that consider the human element.

Meet The Team

Art Bemis

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Director of the AICCE

Business and Design Lecturer

Strategic Design Professional

Jason Bemis

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Curriculum Development AICCE

Art and Science Lecturer

Naturalist and Designer

Lindsay Thivierge

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Marketing Development

Support Lecturer

Administration and Designer