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IACC Curriculum

The U.S. version of the IACC curriculum is based on the original Salzburg IACC training program but has been modified due to U.S. necessities. Our program consists of four seminars, an exam and a thesis.  

IACC-NA Membership and Accreditation (
You may become a “provisional member” after you have participated in your first seminar. To reach the second highest status of “associate member” all four seminars are required ( Seminar 1 is required before continuing on with Seminars 2, 3, and 4 which will not fall necessarily into sequence), presentation of the home assignments and passing the IACC oral exam. Full international IACC accreditation (Diploma) is given after the above requirements have been met and a thesis has been written.


 Note: Ultimate accreditation is not a necessity to participate in the education program.  You may participate for the information value only.  An attendance certificate is awarded for each seminar you take.

Seminar 1

Color, Environment and Human Reaction

This seminar is the mandatory segment in our 4 class curriculum. 

Introduction to color

Analyzing the Environment

A Neuropsychological Aspect

Effects of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue on Humans

Environmental Influence on Emotion

Characteristics and Psychological Effects of Major Hues

Fundamentals of vision and perception

Seminar 2

Color Theory

Color Harmony

Color in Communications

This seminar is #2 of a four part series required to achieve IACC diploma status. 

Eusemann Hexagon

Principles of Color Theory

Color Harmony

Color Systems

Color's Role in Marketing

Levels of Communication with Color

Expression of Simple Lines and Forms


Seminar 3

Color in the

Architectural Space

This seminar is #3 of a four part series required to achieve IACC diploma status. 

Offices and VDT Workspaces

Health Care Facilities

Mental Hospitals and Health Centers

Facilities for the Elderly


Industrial Work Environments

Restaurant, Cafeterias and Food Display

Color for Exteriors


Seminar 4

Biological Effects of Light & Color Psychology In-Depth

This seminar is #4 of a four part series required to achieve IACC diploma status. 

Biological Effects of Light


Ultraviolet Radiation

Artificial Light vs. Natural Light

Color Psychology in Depth

Color Psychology Probing the Psyche

Color in Psychology



Our workshops take place every other weekend in the state of Vermont. This day long event is an introductory seminar into the levels of relationships with color, form, texture and light. This workshop takes place outdoors and focuses on creating systems of communication for application.


One day workshop on seeing and applying natures color relationships


One day workshop on design using color and form



One day workshop on developing functioning systems of design communication


Private Classes

Private Classes

If you are a resident of the northeast or visiting the Vermont area you may be interested in taking private classes. If you are interested in learning about this program please contact Jason at

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