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Seminar 1 Introduction to IACC-NA Functional Color **(requirement for membership into the IACC-NA)


Introduction: - Color as a sensory perception - Color from a different perspective - The importance of correct color in architectural environments

What is Color? - An introduction from the psychological viewpoint - The “Color Experience Pyramid” – how humans process color consciously and unconsciously

Analyzing the Architectural Environment - Utilizing the semantic differential chart


Psycho-Physological and Neuro-psychological Effects  

Personality and reaction to the environment 

Psychosomatics and emotions – its relationship to design

Review of Case Studies

Modern research - What design conclusion can be drawn?

Psychological Effects of Color - What is color psychology? - Hue effects, impressions, associations, symbolism - Mood associations - Psychological effects of color in the interior space

The Role of Perception - Color and visual ergonomics - Psychology of perception – an introduction

IACC Seminars Ambassador 2023 /Seminar 1

  • There are no refunds after purchase. If you must cancel an event you are registered for that money will be credited to the next available class.

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